A visitor (also: user) performed at least one visit on the website. Depending on the analysis visitors are counted either unique or unique per time interval (e.g. day/week/month).

Short Facts


Two users start their visits on November 8th:

  • For the whole month, two visitors are shown. In the days analysis, a user is counted for each day at which he was active. Therefore, the yellow user counts as a visitor for November 8th as well as for November 9th.

  • The pages analysis yields the following results:

Identifying a visitor

Visitors are identified based on the cookie or based on a Customer ID that is passed to Mapp Intelligence.

  • Cookie based
    When a user accesses the website, a cookie is set with an ID. Based on this cookie, the user will be recognized as a returning visitor when he visits the website again. If the user deletes his cookies or uses different devices/browsers, he will be displayed as a new visitor. If a user does not have cookies activated, Mapp Intelligence is using a so called fingerprint method. The fingerprint is generated from the IP address and the user agent (contains e.g. browser, monitor resolution...).
  • Based on Customer ID (User Centric Tracking)
    Based on the submitted customer ID the user is identified. Usually, it is submitted to Mapp Intelligence in encrypted form when the user logs in. This allows for cross-browser and cross-device analysis. User Centric Tracking has to be activated in the configuration of Mapp Intelligence (Q3 > Configuration > System Configuration > Data Collection).

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