Shows the RFE status of a visitor at the end of the analysis period.

Utilization of the RFE model (recency, frequency, engagement) enables website visitors to be analyzed based on their previous usage behavior.

  • RECENCY: number of days since the last website visit
  • FREQUENCY: visits, total
  • ENGAGEMENT: page impressions, total

Each criterion is assessed based on individual settings. (1 = poor, 2 = average, 3 = good). This results in customer value segments, which can be used for appropriate marketing measures, among other things. Thus, the RFE group "333" equals the best possible visitor group.

The individual threshold values for assessing the criteria can be defined under Mapp Q3 > Configuration > System Configuration > Account.

Please note that the User - RFE Group calculation always relates to the chosen analysis period's end.

Additional Information

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