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The ​Uploading Missing Images​ window appears in the following situations:

  • Images have been added to your message which have not yet been uploaded into the Content Store. For more information, see Content Store​.

  • In the ​Advanced Options​ area of second step in the message creation process, one of the following settings is selected:

    • ​Images are Inlined (Offline HTML)​

    • ​Images are Hosted in Mapp Engage (Online HTML)​

The Upload Missing Images window​

Available Actions​

​Images to Host​

This area displays frames that represent the images that appear in your message. These images are identified in the message by the HTML-tag <img src="[Image Name]">.

  • ​Unassigned Images:​ Indicates an image that is referenced in the HTML code, but to which an available image is not yet assigned. An empty frame is shown until an image is assigned. It is necessary to upload and assign the correct images for these instances before proceeding.

  • ​Assigned Images:​ Shows a preview of images that are already assigned in the message.

  • ​Do not host this image:​ Leaves the source code of the images untouched. No image is assigned.

​Available Images​

This area displays all images that are already uploaded and available for assignment.


Large image sizes can reduce delivery speed and increase costs for your recipients. By default, the maximum image size that you can upload to Mapp Engage is 500 KB.

  • ​Upload images:​ Uploads an image to the ​Available Images​ area.

  • ​Load from Content Store:​ Uploads an image from the Mapp Engage Content Store to the ​Available Images​ area. For more information, see CMS Messages​.

  • ​Filter images:​ Searches all available images for a keyword.

  • ​Auto Assign:​ Matches the correct image to the correct source code automatically, assuming that the file name and source code are identical.

  • ​Drag & Drop:​ Assign an image to its corresponding source code in the message. Drag the image from the ​Available Images​ area to the desired area on the ​Images to Host​ area.

Other Actions​

  • ​Switch back to old upload page:​ Opens an Upload Missing Images page that does not require Flash.

  • ​Edit Message:​ Opens step ​2. Content​ of the message creation wizard. For more information, see ​Select Message Channel Type​.

  • ​Prepare Sendout:​ Opens step ​3. Configuration​ of the message creation wizard. For more information, see Configuration for Sendout​.