To upload an email or part of an email that has been prepared with an external tool.

Background Information​

You can create a message or a part of a message in an external tool, then upload this content into Mapp Engage for sendout.

In the ​Upload Message Parts​ window you can upload or import different types of content.

  • A section of email HTML for an email.

  • A section of plain text for an email.

  • A multi-part MIME email file (.eml)

  • A section of SMS content.

  • A section of a push notification content.

  • An external CMS message.


When you upload a message part or CMS message, the imported content overwrites everything in the message creation wizard. If you do not want to overwrite content, create another message.


  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click Create​ New> ​Message​ 
    Step ​1. Type opens.
  2. Enter message information and select ​Email​ from the  list.
  3. Click ​Create​.
    ⇒ Step ​2. Content​ opens.
  4. Click Upload Message​.
    ⇒ The ​Upload Message Parts​ window opens.
  5. To upload HTML and text message parts separately, select the Message Parts​ option.
    In the ​HTML​ area, click ​Browse​ to select the HTML file from your local computer.
    In the ​Plain Text​ area, click ​Browse​ to select the text file from your local computer.
    When you create an email with both the HTML and text version, Mapp Engage sends both versions simultaneously. The email client decides which version to display depending on the preferences of your contact.
  6. To upload a multi-part message that is saved in one file, select theEmail Message ​option.
    To upload the text message part, click the ​Browse​ button to select the file from your local disk.
    The message must be formatted in the standard MIME message format RFC-822. The file probably ends with the extension .eml. The email can both HTML and text message parts. The email can contain inline images and attachments.
  7. From the ​Character Encoding​ drop-down list, choose the appropriate character set for the uploaded files.
  8. Click ​Upload​ to upload the selected file or files.
  9. Click ​Save as Draft to save your email, or click ​Prepare Sendout to start or schedule sendout.