Transport Acceleration in the Sendout Process

To send the right message at the right time is an essential part of your email campaign.

The transport acceleration function allows you to hit a point in time in the future with precision. Preprocessing the messages to be sent accelerates the transport of messages to your recipients' MTA. Time-intensive processing during sendout, such as the creation of complex personalizations or limitation of the sendout with selections, can be processed in advance of the actual sendout through transport acceleration. A message prepared to be sent the following day is processed a few hours before the actual sendout to the recipient. When a message is transported to a recipient, the processing time does not apply because the messages have already been prepared for transport and can be delivered directly to the recipient MTA without any additional effort.

Benefits of transport acceleration for your campaigns​

Transport acceleration of the message sendout process offers the following benefits:

  • Earlier message processing: Messages are processed in advance and prepared for message transport. This is especially helpful when a large number of messages are to be sent or messages are sent at a time when there is an increased amount of message transport.

  • Real-time message sendout: Messages are sent exactly at the defined time. By earlier processing of the messages to be sent a scheduled message is also sent to the specified time to the recipient. When scheduled accordingly, processing of the messages to be sent is already complete and transport of the message to the recipient MTA can begin.

  • Increased transparency during message sendout: Messages are only sent when you want them to be. You can check the detailed status of your sendout processes in Mapp Engage. If you stop processing before message transport begins, your messages are not sent.

  • Effective email campaigns through time-optimized message delivery: When a message is sent at the right time, you benefit from higher open and click rates.