Mapp Cloud includes all of the tools that form our marketing platform as you currently use it. Mapp Cloud includes tools to acquire, engage, and retain digital customers.

  • Mapp Acquire lets you use your data sources for better insights and customer acquisition.
  • Mapp Engage includes our marketing tools for the following channels: email, mobile, social media, and web.
  • Mapp Intelligence provides you with comprehensive statistics and actionable insights from your campaigns.
  • Mapp Connect helps you to integrate Mapp Cloud with other marketing technologies (for example: CRM, DSP, ecommerce platforms, and more).

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Mapp Acquire​

Use Mapp Acquire to understand your customers and drive your digital marketing.

Use Mapp Acquire to perform the following jobs:

  • Monitor the performance of your campaigns in real time.
  • Take ownership of your customer data.
  • Optimize data distribution to marketing and advertising platforms.
  • Better connect with customers.

Mapp Engage​

Mapp Engage enables you to send fully automated, multi-step customer campaigns. Mapp Cloud lets you contact your customers via email, social, mobile, and web. You can reach your customers more effectively, efficiently and meaningfully. Mapp Engage includes the following capabilities:

  • Email marketing that is based on segmentation, personalisation, and automation.
  • Integrated mobile marketing with SMS, push notifications, and in-app messages.
  • Dynamic social media marketing with automated posts and monitoring.
  • Personalised web marketing with microsites and landing pages.

Mapp Intelligence

Mapp Intelligence gives you the statistics and insights that you need. More data means better campaigns, and that means increased customer value. Mapp Intelligence delivers practical data that you can act on immediately.

Mapp Intelligence includes the following data:

  • Delivery statistics
  • Audience engagement data
  • Enhanced segmentation data
  • Measurement tools to improve your marketing practice

Mapp Connect

Mapp Connect makes sure that you can combine Mapp Cloud with your other marketing tools. Connectors and APIs enable a smooth integration.

Mapp Connect makes it possible for you to connect any program or web page to your marketing platform. This tool lets you pull data into Mapp Cloud and extract information for reuse in other applications. You can connect Mapp Cloud to the following types of platforms:

  • Demand Side Platforms (DSP) to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to connect offline and online customer data.
  • Ecommerce Platforms for transactional messages and multichannel campaigns.