Target contacts with relevant content even when you don't have saved data that reflects their interests.


The Intelligence criterion "Topics of Interest" is activated in your Mapp Engage account. 


Track reactions to previous email content for those contacts who haven't identified an Activity Preference value (walking, hiking, etc.). Create segments based on what they showed an interest in.

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  • Condition 1
    Drag the Profile Attribute criterion onto the canvas. Select the custom attribute Activity Preference and set the Operator to Is Empty
  • Condition 2
    Add keywords that indicate an interest in a specific activity, for example walking, hiking, etc. Select Precise Search Accuracy, and limit search results to 5.
  • Condition 3
    You want to find contacts that are interested in the activities you selected. In this case, you do not need to change any settings here, as YES is selected by default.

  • Condition 4
    Select the relevant time range. In our example, we take all-time data into account.

Follow-up Action

Use the segment to send contacts messages that include their topics of interest.

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