Using the media actions (parameter "mk") and the transferred positions (parameter "mt1"), the key figures for the media streams are calculated. It is therefore important to ensure that the requests are sent in the correct order. For example, no actions will be measured until a "play" for the video has taken place.

wt_sendinfo_media(media_id, player_action, clip_position, clip_length, media_parameter, bandwidth, volume, mute)
ParameterData TypeDescription
media_idStringMedia ID

Media command. Possible values:

clip_positionStringCurrent play position (seconds).
clip_lengthStringTotal length (seconds).
media_parameterObject stringMedia categories or custom parameters.
bandwidthStringBandwidth (bit/sec)
volumeStringVolume. 0 - 255 is supported. 0 - 100 is recommended.

Mute. Possible values:

1 = Sound turned off, 0 = Sound turned on

To prevent incorrect requests, each media view is limited to a maximum of 500 requests by the tracking library. All further requests will not be sent. Also, repeated requests within three seconds are filtered out and not transmitted.

Notes on Media-Sessions

Please observe the following notes on media sessions:

  • A media session is terminated with the media actions eofstop and init (initalso creates a new media session in this request).
  • With constant media ID and subsequent play follows, the old media session is continued.
  • With constant media ID and subsequent init, the old media session is closed and a new media session is started.
  • With different media IDs, a new media session is started. The will lead to multiple media sessions in parallel.