Navigation Path

  1. In the  ​Main Navigation​, click Messages​ > ​Draft Messages​ > Email.
  2. In the ​Actions​ column, click  > Edit​ or the  symbol.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click Personalization.
  5. In the  ​Search ​ area click the  symbol.

The Search for Personalization Wizard​

The ​Search for Personalization​ sidebar wizard presents a list of all available personalizations in your system. It is also possible to delete personalizations within this slider.




This input field allows you to search for personalization by its name.


This input field allows you to search for personalization with keywords or phrases that appear in its description.


This input field allows you to search for personalization by its creator (or owner, if the owner has been changed).


This list field allows selection of the type of personalization being searched for. There are two options:

  • ​Personalization rules:​ Complex personalizations that are created by defining rules (InsertIf / InsertElse statements) for certain segments of a message. These segments are used to create different messages from one single message. During sendout, Mapp Engage checks whether the complex personalization rule applies to each recipient. The selected content is only displayed in the message when the recipient fulfills the criteria of the personalization rule.

  • Attributes:​ Attributes are used for personalization placeholders.
    Both standard attributes and custom attributes are available for personalization. Member attributes and group attributes can only be used for personalization in a limited way.

​Clear Search​

This button removes the currently applied search criteria and displays all available personalizations.


This button initiates the search with the defined criteria.

​Visible Rows​

This list field is used to define the number of rows that are displayed in the window.

These arrows are used to scroll through multiple pages of results. The page number is displayed between the arrows.

Member attributes are not available in the Mapp Engage Personalization Wizard. Personalizations that are based on custom attributes must be configured manually. See Attribute References​.

Visible Information for the Personalizations (Columns of the Table)​



This symbol activates the personalization for use within a message.


Displays the name of the personalization. Personalization names are not unique.


If an additional description for a personalization rule has been entered, it is displayed here. The description is important because complex personalization names are not unique. Attributes lack descriptions.


Displays the type of personalization.


Displays the owner of the personalization (the owner is normally the creator).


Displays the date when the personalization was created (not available for attributes).

​Last update​

Displays the date when the personalization was last updated (not available for attributes).