To search for a specific personalization from the entire list of available personalizations. The full search can be used when you do not know the name of the personalization, but do know some part of the description and/or the type of personalization.


  1. Go to  Messages​ > ​Draft  Messages and select the message into which you would like to insert a personalization.
  2. Click the ​Personalization ​ button.
  3. In the search area, click .
  4. Select in the ​Type ​list the type of personalization you are searching for:
    1. Personalization rule
    2. Attributes
      ⇒  The available personalizations for the selected type are displayed.
  5. To reduce the number of available personalizations, enter the:
    1. Name of the personalization: The name is not unique. There might be several personalizations matching the inserted name.
    2. Description: A description is available for custom attributes and personalization rules. Standard attributes do not contain a description.
    3. Owner: An owner is only available for personalization rules.
  6. Click the ​Search ​button.
    ⇒  The matching personalizations are displayed.