To schedule message processing at a specific time before your message sendout.


The transport accelerator function is activated for your system. For further information, contact your customer service representative.

Background Information​

The message delivery process in your Customer Engagement Platform is divided into two phases:

  • Phase one is message processing
  • Phase two is message transport

Both phases always take place during group message sendout, regardless of whether the message processing is terminated or not.

If message processing is not scheduled at an earlier date, message processing and message transport are carried out in parallel during message sendout. The messages are processed and then transmitted to the recipient. When processing and message sendout start simultaneously, the sendout process takes longer.

Processing a message in advance enables accelerated message transport and timely message delivery.

How To​

  1. Create a message.
    - or -
    Create a CMS message.

  2. Click ​Prepare Sendout​.
    Step​ 3. Configuration​ of the message creation wizard opens. For more information, see ​Configuration for Sendout​.
  3. In the ​Action​ area, select ​Send to Group​.


    If a message is saved as a prepared message during message creation, it is not possible to initiate message processing before the message transport.

  4. In the ​Message Transport​ area, select ​Schedule​.
    ⇒ Use the calendar to select a date and time for the sendout and select a time zone.
  5. In the ​Message Preprocessing​ area, schedule when the message processing starts.
    Message processing can only be carried out if the message transport is scheduled.


    You can schedule message processing a maximum of 72 hours before message transport.

  6. Click ​Check Message​ to continue the message creation process.
    ⇒ Step ​4. Summary​ of the message creation wizard opens. For more information, see ​Summary of Sendout​.
  7. Click ​Schedule Message​.
    ⇒ Mapp Engage schedules message sendout and closes step ​4. Summary​ of the message creation wizard. The scheduled message is displayed in the ​Processed Messages Overview​ window. For more information, see ​Processed Messages Overview (window)​.