The Response Queue Service stores all responses that Engage registers for your Engage system. It allows you to access event information as it is collected, and is therefore quicker than a Raw Data Export.

What can I do with the Response Queue?

Retrieve email, SMS and/or Mobile Push response data in near real-time via API

This is possible because the response queue uses asynchronous API calls from the Engage API to retrieve the data. If you need response data in near real time instead of Raw Data Exports, this is a good solution for you.

Synchronize data to your 3rd party CRM software

Use the data in external CRM systems for faster reaction to your customers' behavior, or in external real-time Analytics systems (e.g. Dashboards). For example, you can poll the Response Queue for the inbound SMS messages containing a keyword (e.g., "STOP" or "UNSUBSCRIBE").

Define what data you want to retrieve

Define response type, frequency, time period and amount of data to be retrieved/polled across different API 2.0 methods in the asynchronous domain.

Poll for responses in parallel

Ensure that you poll different response types when polling in parallel.

Get granular data

  • Filter for specific response types (e.g. Bounces or Clicks).

  • Gather further information for each response type (e.g. bounce category or click timestamp).

  • View attributes that associate the response with a marketing activity (e.g. a Group or a Message).

  • Retrieve response information in a defined range once or multiple times.

  • You can retrieve response data from Email, SMS and Mobile Push channels. Mobile Apps and web response is currently not tracked.
  • Verify the integrity of response data with a self-managed index. 

  • Retrieve a defined range of response data multiple times into different data sinks.

  • You can retrieve response data from Email, SMS & Mobile Push channels. Mobile Apps and web response is currently not tracked.
  • The Response Queue service stores events for the previous 30 days. After this time, old responses are overwritten. It is good practice to retrieve your responses regularly. 

  • The Response Queue service delivers a maximum of 100,000 responses per retrieval. To access more than 100,000 responses, retrieve data multiple times.

Available Responses

  • Sent to MTA (only via pollByType)

  • Bounces (Email)

  • Bounces (SMS)

  • Clicks

  • Forwards

  • Skips

  • Feedback

  • Renders/Opens

  • Transactional tracking data (Conversions)

  • Unsubscribes

  • For Mobile Push:
    • Sendout
    • Error
    • Delivery
    • Dismiss
    • Click

Further Information

Set up the Response Queue