The report options allow for various adoptions.

TitleThe name of the report. It must be unique, i.e. no other report in the account can have this name.
DescriptionThis text is shown at the beginning of the report. Here you could, for example, introduce important metrics and formulas that are used in the report.
FolderHere you can choose an existing folder in which the report will be shown in the report overview.
Hint: New folders can be defined in the report overview.
PeriodThe time period that is chosen by default for all report elements. You can choose other time periods for the single elements in their settings.
Choose a dynamic time period in the calendar (i.e., one from the drop down menu) if you do not want the time period to relate to a fixed date range.
Show table of contentIf this option is activated, a clickable list of all report elements at the top of the report is shown.
Enable Start Dialog

The start dialog is shown when you open a report. It allows for changing the time period and, if existing, the report filters before the first calculation of the report starts.
If you choose "User can change this setting", then other users are allowed to deactivate this function.

Update elements automaticallyIf activated, elements in the report will update automatically, as soon as new data is available.
Assign categories to reportEnables you to grant other users access to your report. If a report was not assigned to a category, only the creator of the report and the admin can access it. Categories and the rights for each user are set in the user management.