To remove members from a group by importing a file that contains the contacts to be removed.

Background Information​

You can use the ​Remove​ import mode to remove contacts from a Mapp Engage group. This method is helpful if you manage contacts in an external system (for example, a CRM system).

The removal is valid for one Mapp Engage group. Other group memberships for each contact remain unaffected.

Members that are removed from a group are not contacted again for confirmation. Members that are removed from a group are not counted as unsubscribes in the statistics.

When you remove a contact, group-specific data (member attributes and group membership statistics) are deleted for this contact. All other profile data remains unaffected.


  • You can import contacts from a CSV, XML, or text file. The maximum size of the import file is 50 MB.
  • The file must be formatted correctly.
  • Contacts must be uniquely identified in the file by email address, mobile number, or mobile app alias. It is also possible to import contacts with an external identifier, for example, from a CRM system. For instructions, see ​Update Contacts with External Identifier​.

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  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click ​Contacts​ > ​Management​.
  2. From the ​Group​ drop-down list, select the group that you want to remove contacts from.
    ⇒The ​Contact Search​ window opens to the ​Memberships​ tab.
  3. Click the ​Import​ button.
    ⇒The ​Import Contacts​ window opens.
  4. To locate the file on your local computer, click the ​Browse...​ button.
  5. In the ​File Type​ area, choose whether the import file is a CSV, XML, or text file. If your file is a CSV file, select the appropriate separator character.
  6. From the ​Character Set​ drop-down list, select the character set of the file.
  7. From the ​Import Mode​ drop-down list, select the ​Remove​ option.
  8. From the ​Add Contact​ drop-down list, select the ​Without Notification​ option.
  9. To enter extra specifications for the import, expand the ​Advanced Options​ area:​
    • Time Zone​ - Defines the time zone that is used for attributes with date data types. Use this setting only if the date value in the import file does not contain time zone information.
    • ​Use External Identifier​ - The system identifies contacts with a unique ID rather than email or mobile number. Normally, Mapp Engage uses an email address or mobile phone number to update or create contact information. If you want to import contact data into Mapp Engage with the external identifier, the value must be unique for each contact. This type of file requires a special import procedure. For more information, see ​Update Contacts with External Identifier​.
    • Set Read Mode System-wide​ - Uses the read mode in the import file to set the system-wide read mode of all contacts in the file. The read mode setting for each contact is overwritten for all groups this contact is a member of. This option is only available when contacts are added with one of the following modes:
      • ​Replace​
      • ​Update Members Only​
      • ​Add and Update Non-members Only​
      • ​Add and Update All ​


    Mapp Engage uses ISO-8601 date formats. Enter the time zones as follows: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss (+/-)GMT difference. For example, the time zone US/Eastern is formatted: 2012-12-25T15:15:15-05:00. ISO-8601 is recommended for formatting date information in the import file. Deprecated formats are not fully supported.

  10. To begin the import process, click the ​Import​ button. When the import is finished, an ​Import Report​ with status information is sent via email to the system user who started the import.