.To create a rule that will prevent messages from being sent to certain recipients.

This can be done by inserting a personalization rule into a message, template or group. This rule suppresses message sendout to the specified recipients.


This personalization rule always suppresses sendout of the entire message to the specified recipients, even if the rule is inserted in only one text field or CMS paragraph.

  1. Open the message, template or group in which you want to insert the rule.
  2. Since the rule will always apply to the entire message, it can be inserted into any text field.
  3. Define a personalization rule that will clearly identify the recipients according to their attributes (see ​Personalization Rules - InsertIf/InsertElse​).
  4. You can also create and save the personalization rule using the personalization wizard (see ​Create a Personalization Rule​).
  5. If you are adding the rule to a message, you may insert it at any place within the message text (see ​Insert a personalization​).
  6. To add the rule to a group, copy the code from the personalization wizard and paste it under the tab Sendout Options in the message header or footer.
  7. Inside the personalization tags, insert the command <ec:skiprecipient/>.

The personalization can also be integrated into a CMS template.


You would like to create a rule that will prevent non-German speaking recipients from receiving any messages created using a German-language CMS template. Every German-speaking recipient has the entry ​German​ in the attribute ​Language​.

The rule is constructed as follows:

<%InsertIf expression="${((user.CustomAttribute['language']!='german'))}" id="NonGerman"%> <ec:skiprecipient/> <%/InsertIf%>