Use personalisation rules to insert message content when a recipient meets the conditions that are defined in the personalisation rule.

The corresponding parts of the message (images, links, or texts of any length) are marked with a start tag and an end tag. Use these tags to insert the part that is marked with a personalisation rule.

What Is a Personalization Rule?​

A personalisation rule is a type of programming for your newsletter. During the sendout, Mapp Engage creates different messages that contain only the content that is relevant for the recipient.

  1. This personalisation rule consists of only one InsertIf block and a condition.

    In the editor code view, <%InsertIf ...%> indicates the beginning of a personalisation rule and <%/InsertIf%> indicates the end. In the HTML editor,  and  symbols enclose the personalisation rule. This kind of personalisation can be used to mark parts of a newsletter. To mark a section of a newsletter, wrap an InsertIf around the part.
  2. This personalisation rule consists of only one InsertIf block, a condition, and content.

    This kind of personalisation can be used to insert content with the personalisation. The personalisation displays is the same as mentioned in tem 1. However, this personalisation cannot be used to mark content since it comes with its own content. The content is inserted into the personalisation between the two ​insert-if tags.
  3. This personalisation rule consists of several ​InsertIf/InsertElse blocks and conditions.

    This kind of personalisation can be used to enter alternatives and create nested conditions. In the code view of the editor, <%InsertIf ...%> indicates the beginning of a personalisation rule and <%/InsertIf%> indicates the end.
    The next rule in the personalisation is enclosed in <%InsertElse ...%> and <%/InsertElse%> tags.
    If none of the previous InsertIf or InsertElse rules fit, Mapp Engage inserts a default block.
    In the code view of the editor, the default block is an InsertElse without any condition. In the HTML editor,
    Mapp Engage encloses each part of the personalisation rule with   and symbols. You cannot see where the personalisation rule ends in the HTML editor.
    In the Code view, the end of a personalisation rule is given with the next InsertIf block at the same level.
    To enter content in a personalisation rule that consists of several ​InsertIf/InsertElse blocks, paste this part of the newsletter manually within the personalisation tags.
  4. The personalisation rule consists of several InsertIf/InsertElse blocks, its conditions, and content.

    This personalisation behaves as described in 3, but also contains content that is entered whenever you insert the personalisation in your newsletter. An example is a salutation that is normally saved this way.

Using Personalization Rules

Personalizations can be used at different locations within the message:

  • In the message text (HTML, text, SMS, mobile push)

  • In the subject line

  • In the message header and the message footer

Creation of Personalization Rules 

Basically, the personalisation Builder is the optimal way to build up a complex personalisation. For more information, see Personalization Builder (wizard)​.

With the Query Builder, most of the required cases can be created on a graphical interface. Personalizations can be also developed manually even more complex programming can be utilized. In this case, however, a deeper understanding of the JSP expression language is essential (see ​Syntax of Personalization Rules​). A few programming expressions that cannot be created within the graphical interface can be manually created using Mapp Engage functions. For more information, see Mapp Engage Functions​.