Mapp Engage lets you insert personalized content into messages that you send to different contacts. You can generate many different personalized message variations automatically from one centrally managed message draft.

Our ​Personalization Wizard​ streamlines the creation and insertion of personalizations. The wizard can be used with any of the possible ways to personalized a message.

Alternatively, it is possible to create personalizations directly in the HTML code of your message - but this method is recommended only for advanced users.

Ways to Personalize a Message

1. Placeholders

Personalization placeholders are used to insert recipient information from a user, group, or member attribute. For example, the name of the contact. Placeholders are contained by the characters <%...%> before and after the placeholder.

2. Personalization Rules

Personalization rules instruct Mapp Engage to insert content into a message when a predefined condition is met. For example, insert specific content if the contact is a man. Personalizations rules are contained by a start tag <%InsertIf%>  and an end tag <%/InsertIf%> .

Example of a personalization Rule

A message contains a special offer to all female recipients over the age of 30. All other recipients receive an email without this offer.

During sendout, Mapp Engage checks which user attributes match the conditions that the personalization rules define. If the personalization is true, the offer is inserted into the message and sent to the recipient.

The personalization rules produce several different newsletter variations that are customized depending on customer data.

Personalizations can be used in any type of message - email (HTML or text), fax or mobile. Personalizations can be added to several different parts of the message (subject line, content area, mail header) or created in the group settings.

Mapp Engage offers an easy-to-use graphical interface where you can select simple personalizations and create, save, and reuse complex personalizations. 

You can also insert personalizations into a message that you create externally. 

Advantages of Personalization​

Personalization is the most efficient way to create multiple custom messages that are target the individual interests and characteristics of your contacts. A personalized greeting or special birthday promotion can increase recipient engagement. Personalized messages can also reduce the number of spam complaints. Personalized subject lines are a great way to attract attention to your message in a full inbox.

When you use personalization effectively, contacts receive offers that are targeted directly to their interests or demographic group. Correctly targeted messages increase click-through rates and conversions.

Complex personalizations can be used to develop special offers that reflect previous behavior of a contact. The many possibilities of personalization can be a critical element in your email marketing strategy.

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