Smart Notifications add more artificial intelligence to analytics and provide actionable insights to marketers. Once activated, they are available in form of a feed alongside Alerts.

On this page, you can get an overview of your available Smart Notifications.  Also, you can (de-)activate Smart Notifications.

NameDefines the name given to your Smart Notification.
DescriptionAn explanation of what information is provided by this notification
LabelHelps classify the notification.
FrequencyDefines how often there will be a notification.
Statusactive (blue) or inactive (gray)
ActionsYou can use this button to trigger the notification.

Campaign performance notifications

Below you can see the parameters by which campaign performance is measured, as well as notification triggers. 


Campaigns are evaluated along commonly available dimensions for targeting on different platforms.

  • Geography: Country, Region, City.
  • Technology: Device Manufacturer, Device Class. 
  • Time: Weekdays, time of day (morning, afternoon, evening, night - based on the Time dimensions). 


Campaign performance is analyzed by three formulas:

  • Conversion Rate %
  • Bounce Rate %
  • Order Value per Visit (not a predefined metric that can be used in analyses)

Trigger Conditions

Notifications are triggered when the following conditions are met:

MetricTrigger Condition
Conversion Rate %+/- 2x Standard deviation for this campaign
Bounce Rate %+/- 2x Standard deviation for this campaign
Order Value per Visit+/- 2x Standard deviation for this campaign and at least one conversion
To ensure that the insights you are getting are relevant, a campaign needs to have 2% of campaign traffic and at least 50 visits per dimension for the notification to be triggered.

The calculations happen based on onsite performance only.

Good to know

Along the mentioned dimensions each campaign is analyzed on its own merits and what can be done to improve it. The result might be the insight that the conversion rate is much higher on mobile devices and therefore it might be a good idea to focus the campaign on mobile devices. Or vice versa, the conversion rate is much lower on mobile devices, then we recommend not to target mobile devices as much, e.g. by lowering bids for this target group, reducing frequency caps or removing this target group from targeting altogether. 

If you have configured a hierarchical campaign structure, Intelligence will look at each level. For instance, you have “channel”at the top, so we will look at the channels and compare how well all ads on each channel are doing and if e.g. a certain timeframe is working better for that channel than the average for that channel.

Prediction-based notifications

Predictions provide insights regarding conversion probability, churn probability, next basket value and customer lifetime value. Mapp Intelligence uses predictions to assess "Revenue-at Risk". It looks  at the next 30 days and lets you know: e.g. how many customers are in danger of churning and what expected customer lifetime value from these users is at risk if they do not come back.

Predictions are an on-demand feature. Contact your Customer Success or Account Manager for more information.