Shows whether website accesses were made by new visitors, returning visitors or unknown visitors.

  • New
    The first visit of a user.
    No Mapp Intelligence cookie exists and no known Customer ID has been tracked.

  • Returning
    Alle User that have visited the website before at least once. A Mapp Intelligence cookie exists or a known customer ID has been tracked.

  • Unknown
    Only for visits in which only 1 request (i.e., a click or a page impression) was performed. Cookies are not accepted and no known Customer ID has been passed.

Short facts

Example for usage in Mapp Intelligence

Two users performed the following visits on February 13 and 14:

  • New vs. Returning

  • Traffic Analysis

Example for Usage in the Filter Engine

  • Show only data of users that performed a visit once

    The Auto scope is evaluated as "Visits". Alternatively, you can choose the scope "Visits" directly.

Similar Figures and Dimensions

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Further Information

FAQ Why is the Sum of New Visitors and Returning Visitors not the Number of Visitors?