The new secret to the creation of a long-lasting customer relationship lies with mobile app engagement. Mobile app engagement integrates mobile communication in the Mapp Engage platform. After the integration, you can also select a mobile channel for your message.

Mapp offers two ways to use mobile app marketing for personal communication with your target audience.

Mapp provides detailed instructions that tell you how to integrate mobile marketing into your system. For apps, the integration requires setup by Mapp and modifications to the code of your app for each platform you support.

Mobile Push​

Push messages are sent to contacts who have installed your app.

Push messages alert contacts about updates or special offers. You can schedule the sendout of push notifications and also target specific groups or all users.

This app is part of the Mobile App Manager and can be used along with Mobile InApp Messaging.

For more information, refer to ​Mobile Push​.


The innovative In-App feature helps you custom-tailor messages to your app users. You can design the appearance of the message with templates or custom tailor the HTML code.

These messages can be sent immediately, at a specific time or day, or upon a triggering event. Messages can be sent to all app users or specific target groups.

InApp can be used along with Mobile Push Messaging.

For more information, refer to ​In-App Messaging​.