In Mapp Engage, you can create different types of messages to communicate with your contacts over multiple channels:

For more information, see ​Select Message Channel Type​.

The following channels are additional features that must be set up for your Mapp Engage system:

  • Mobile Push,
  • Web Push
  • SMS
  • Direct Mail

Message Creation ​

There are two ways to create messages in Mapp Engage: manually or with pre-designed templates.

  • Create message templates or use pre-created templates for simplified message creation. Individual authors can use these templates to combine individual paragraphs or elements into messages.
    For more information, see ​Content Management for Email Messages​ and ​CMS Messages​.

  • In the Mapp Engage message creation area, you can paste, upload, or create message content. You can also configure many sendout settings in this area

Message Creation Basic Steps

  1. Create a message and enter or upload message content. Message content includes personalizations and Mapp Engage Variables.
  2. Configure your sendout settings.
  3. Preview and test your message.
  4. After you edit and test your message, you can complete the message composition process in several ways:

    • Save the message as a draft.

    • Save the message as a prepared message. You can use prepared messages for automated sendouts.

    • Send the message to the group. You can apply a selection to limit the recipients to a target group.

Advanced Content​

  • ​Personalization:​ Adds content that is selected specifically for the recipient or target group to the message. Personalization makes the content of your messages more relevant. You can personalize email messages, SMS messages, and mobile push notifications.
    For more information, see ​Personalization​.

  • ​Mapp Engage Variables:​ Insert content automatically into a message that is the same for all recipients of the message.
    For more information, see ​Mapp Engage Variables​.

Message Previews & Testing​

Mapp Engage offers multiple tools that you can use to review, test, and optimize your messages before sendout.

  • Split Sendouts (A/B Tests):​ Sends different versions of an email message to a portion of your group. Mapp Engage evaluates the success of each message variation and identifies the highest-performing message. Mapp Engage can evaluate the click, opening, or conversion rate.

  • Message Check:​ Shows how your message renders in popular email clients and end devices. Message Check also helps you catch layout and rendering problems before the main sendout takes place.

  • Test Recipients:​ Sends a copy of your draft message to the test recipients defined for the sendout group or to a specific email address.

  • ​Personalization Preview:​ To test your personalizations, select different profile values in the message preview window.

For more information, see ​Email Testing​.

Save as Draft​

Draft messages are messages that are not yet scheduled, sent, or assigned to a sendout group. You can edit a draft message later and prepare it for sendout. For more information, see ​Draft Messages Overview.

Save as a Prepared Message​

A prepared message is a saved message that is assigned to a group.

You can send prepared messages in different ways:

  • As a system message.

  • As a group message with the ​Copy & Send​ action in the ​Prepared Messages​ overview.

  • With an automation.

For more information, see ​Prepared Messages​.

Start Message Sendout​

There are several ways to send a message in Mapp Engage.

  • In step ​4. Summary​ of the message creation wizard, you can start message sendout immediately or schedule your sendout for later.

  • In the ​Automations​ area, you can send messages automatically in response to the behavior of your contacts or on specific dates and times. For more information, see ​Event-Based Automation​ and ​Time-Based Automation​.

Sent Messages​