Custom Parameters can be used in Mapp Intelligence to measure additional data. To speed up the setup process and minimize errors, Mapp offers a set of predefined parameter configurations. This list has now been updated to improve both data collection and analysis.

Don't worry if you are already using predefined custom parameters: this update won't have an impact on an existing configuration. Also, no changes are needed.

Key Benefits

  • More predefined parameters are available, outdated parameters have been removed from the list.
  • Faster setup with fewer errors: you don't have to worry about advanced settings. The optimal configuration is selected automatically.
  • Allows easy integration of plugins since they are based on the automatically selected Parameter-IDs.
  • Enriches predefined dashboards (e.g. showing the quantity of search results).

How does it work?

The configuration of custom parameters is done in Mapp Q3.

  1. Click on Mapp Q3 > Configuration > Custom Parameters. Various parameter types are available.

  2. Select the parameter type and click on Create New Custom Parameter.
  3. Under "Preconfigured", choose one of the predefined parameter configurations.

You will find a list of all available predefined parameters in this article.


This feature is part of our spring update 2022 which went live on June 1st.