The Mapp Intelligence interface has been fine-tuned for an improved user experience. Apart from optimizing readability, we have updated tooltips, icons, and other elements. Enjoy a clearer and more intuitive user interface.

Key Benefits

  • Analyses are now calculated on all data by default, instead of a smaller sample. This way you will always get the most accurate results.
  • Improved readability thanks to larger font size
  • Collapsible menu to obtain more space for analyses
  • Optimized menu items and tooltips for a more intuitive user experience

Improvement Overview

Analysis calculation on all data by default

  • Previously, we used a default 20% as sampling size for your analyses. This has changed to 100 % - all data. You can still adjust the sampling slider to use less data for a faster calculation.


  • Increased font-size
  • Collapsible menu

  • New menu icons

  • New tooltip design
  • Aligned dropdowns
  • New calendar icon

Custom figures

  • We removed the beta flag from the Custom Figures menu item.
  • In the metric editor, we replaced the checkbox for "dimension reference" with a toggle.

Report overview 

  • We rearranged the action items in the three dots menu for more clarity.


This feature is part of our winter update 2022 which went live on February 1st.