Shopware 6 addresses the increasingly complex and rapidly advancing world of E-Commerce. Mapp Intelligence answers with Shopware 6 Plugin. It is now easier than ever before to implement and configure Mapp Intelligence via Tag Integration in your Shopware 6 based website. Install and setup the plugin in a few easy steps and enjoy an even better tracking experience – without touching a single line of code.

Key Benefits

  • Easy setup: Shopware 6 Plugin loads Pixel V5 and creates a data layer of the available information on the page – no coding experience required.
  • Improved indexing: The Plugin automatically indexes links of AJAX search results for automatic link tracking.
  • Optimized product tracking: It is now easier to track when
    • a product is added to the cart,
    • the page count changes on product listing pages or search result pages,
    • product listings are sorted.
  • Actionable insights at a glance: Shopware 6 Plugin supports the setup of Mapp's Customer Insights Dashboards for Retailers.

How Does It Work?

  1. Implement Mapp Intelligence in your Shopware 6 Storefront and configure the Plugin.

  2. Create parameters and map the data with Tag Integration.

  3. Enjoy selling products and tracking your success.

Detailed info and helpful screenshots on the steps mentioned above can be found in the associated technical documentation.


The Shopware 6 Plugin is soon available for free in the Shopware store. If you do not want to wait to get Mapp Intelligence into your Storefront, download the plugin directly via this link.