Mapp Intelligence now provides new recommendations for the configuration of RFM and RFE models in your account!

Key Benefits

The RFE and RFM models are proven scoring systems that can be used for the evaluation of a visitor. They help you better understand the usage and purchase behavior. Also, some predefined segments are based on it (for example Big spenders). We now suggest improved configurations based on the collected data to simplify the setup process.

How does it work?

  1. Create Smart Notification for RFE and RFM model.

    For RFM we look at buyer data from the last 360 days, and for RFE we look at engagement from the last 180 days.

  2. Open your Notification Feed and filter to Smart Notifications to see the calculated values.

    These settings divide your users (RFE) and customers (RFM) into three equal groups.

  3. Use the values from the Smart Notification in your Target Groups Configuration (Mapp Q3 > Configuration > System Configuration > Account).

You can find more information on setup and analyses in the training chapter: Extended user-centric analyses.


This feature is part of our Spring 2021 product update. It is available by default to all Mapp Intelligence users with Smart Notifications and/or Predictions as of 11 May 2021.