Today we released our latest product, Mapp Intelligence. Mapp Intelligence is a marketing analytics platform designed for e-commerce, publishers, and lead-based businesses. It delivers reliable, scalable, and dashboard-driven insights. The tool reveals new perspectives and lets you act on it immediately.

Shortlist of the advantages of an innovative marketing tool:

  • Predictive analytics (CLV, conversion,, and churn probabilities)
  • AI-based segments for more-in-depth insights (for example, products, and content preferences)

You can use Audience Stream to reach your users with personalized messages, special offers, and smart discounts at precisely the right time.

All this can be achieved without the need for time-consuming setup. You can access over 20 pre-configured dashboards created by our internal experts.

Example: Mapp Intelligence Dashboard

If you are interested, please contact your Webtrekk consultant who will discuss the first steps with you.