Mapp Intelligence will optimize the file names of your exports next week, as of 12 November 2020. Instead of an internal ID, they now show the export title and a timestamp that shows when the file was generated. This way, you can easily identify the report or analysis you are looking for.

Key Benefits

  • Easily identify the report you are looking for by the export title.
  • Find the latest version immediately by the date included in the file name.
  • The date is the actual timestamp of the calculation. If you generate the file twice, but no data has changed, the file name will be identical. 
  • Illegal characters used in file names will be automatically replaced.


The new file name has the following format:



The title of your report or analysis.

Characters which are not allowed in file names are replaced by "-".

FileCreationTimeThis is the timestamp of the calculation. It is in format YYYY-mm-dd_HH-MM-SS in UTC.
.csv, .xls, .pdfShows the format in which the file is generated.

Illegal characters

These characters are not allowed in file names. 

# pound% percent& ampersand
{ left curly bracket} right curly bracket\ back slash
< left angle bracket> right angle bracket* asterisk
? question mark/ forward slashblank spaces
$ dollar sign! exclamation point' single quotes
" double quotes: colon@ at sign
+ plus sign` backtick| pipe
= equal sign


Old file name:webtrekk-export-1562229760005_29469.pdf
New file name:mapp-marketingreport-2020-11-04_10-10-30_UTC.pdf


This is a default feature in Mapp Intelligence.