Sometimes less is more: for improved readability, all metrics that show the quantity of custom parameters don't have decimal places anymore as default.

Key Benefits

  • No decimal places as default setting for better readability.
  • The changes are automatically applied for all existing metrics.
  • Existing reports and bookmarks including these metrics won't change.

How does it work?

What is a Quantity metric and how can I use it?

Each custom parameter is represented in a Quantity metric. It shows, how often the parameter has been tracked. The name of these metrics have the structure "Qty [Name of Custom Parameter]"

Example: If you are creating the custom parameter "Error Messages" to track all on-page errors, there will be a metric "Qty Error Messages" available.

The new formating is automatically applied when adding the metric to an analysis.

Good to know: If you are using a quantity metric for an attribution model with multiple assignment, the new created attribution metric will still have two decimal places.

How can I change the setting and enable decimal places?

If you prefer having decimal places, simply choose it in the context menu of a metric (Configure metric > Decimal places).


This feature is part of our spring update 2022 which went live on June 1st.