Mapp is now making reporting your data more convenient than ever. With our new rollouts this quarter, you and your colleagues can receive reports when and how you need them, even directly on your SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) server.

Key Benefits

  • Connection Profiles: Rather than sharing login credentials amongst coworkers, you can easily set up a connection profile for them so that they can set up and receive reports as needed. Learn more...
  • Schedule file transfers: You can now schedule reports to be exported to SFTP servers.
  • Overview of Export errors: you will now be able to better monitor the status of your scheduled sendouts, including any issues. This monitoring is possible across all accounts within your organization in one notification feed. Now you don’t have to log in every account separately to check for errors! 
  • Multiple Dispatch Scheduling: Do you have reports that need to go out to different people on different schedules? If you need a report daily, but your manager would only like to see the information monthly, this can now be set up from the report’s overview. Learn more...
  • New user scheduling permissions: this new option in user management allows you to give permissions to users to create these schedules.  

How does it work?

Now, anyone who has permission to schedule reports will now also be able to create multiple schedules for reports.

However,  you can use our new connection profiles and multiple scheduling together to make accessing your data more convenient. After setting up a connection profile for yourself or a teammate, create a new scheduled sendout for the needed report. Now they will get this report directly from the selected SFTP server daily, weekly, or monthly. If anything goes awry, then you will be able to find out what has happened in the new export monitoring feature, so long as you have Smart Alerts permission.   


These features  are enabled in Intelligence, but permission to schedule dispatches and view the new error reporting must be given by your administrator.