Mapp offers various certificates in order to prove your professional knowledge in using Mapp Intelligence.

Details on the exams

Each of the exams can be taken online at Mapp Academy. It's consisting of multiple-choice questions.

All exams are free of charge!
You can take

  • the Basic exam at Mapp Academy by completing the "Mapp Intelligence - Certification - Basic Level" learning path,
  • the Advanced exam at Mapp Academy by completing the "Mapp Intelligence - Certification - Advanced Level" learning path,

If you're interested in taking the Analyst or Admin exam, please contact your Mapp Account Manager or Customer Success Manager for more information.
For the Analyst, Advanced and Admin levels, we recommend to purchase a training that covers all topics of the specific level.

The Advanced exam is an easier variation of the Admin exam (less questions, more time per question). However, you can see that both cover the same topics.

Prior to taking the exams, we recommend studying the specific training chapters on which the exam questions are based:

Examples for questions from the Basic-certification test:

  • You right-click on a metric and hit "Visualization". What can you configure this way?
  • Within a visit, when does the time-out take place?
  • How can a report be shared with other logins?

Examples for questions from the Advanced certification test:

  • Compared to referrer analyses, which advantage do campaign analyses have?
  • What is described as a "Customer Journey" in Mapp Intelligence?
  • Whereupon are processes based in Mapp Intelligence?

Examples for questions from the Admin certification test:

  • In which parameter are page parameters sent in a request?
  • You find your own domain in the referrer analysis. What is the reason?
  • What options for data collection are available?