Avro is a widely supported and compact data streams format which saves you storage space and bandwidth. It also opens the doors to new integrations with state-of-the art data visualization tools such as PowerBI, or Tableau. Mapp Intelligence now supports this format, and has new handy user interface options, so that you can make the most out of the data streams. 

Key Benefits

  • Avro Data Streams:
    • Compact format saves your storage space and bandwidth.
    • Allows for new integrations with data visualization tools such as Power Bi, or Tableau.
    • Both root and custom stream is available for Avro.
  • New Delete user interface option to help you switch between JSON and Avro Root Streams more easily.

Use Case Example

There are many different use cases where Data Streams are useful. Here is just one of them.


This feature is available to customers who have purchased Data Streams in Mapp Intelligence.