A pivot table allows the combination of multiple dimensions in one analysis. It is a powerful and frequently used feature by Mapp Intelligence users. With this update, we now support all custom parameters in a hierarchical view. So far, parameters with multiple values were not supported (except E-Commerce Parameters).

Since these parameters are often used for important use cases (for example, tracking of error messages, teasers, etc.) this is a huge step forward and offers additional reporting possibilities.

Key Benefits

  • Allows the usage of more dimensions in a pivot table - all custom parameters are now supported.
  • Important use cases, like error messages per page, can now be analyzed via the pivot table.
  • The new supported parameters with multiple values are:
    • Session Parameters
    • Page Parameters
    • Event Parameters
  • More consistent user experience.
  • All dimensions used in a pivot table are connected in their strongest scope.

How does it work?

Background information on custom parameters with multiple values

Use Case "Error Message"

A typical use case for custom parameters with multiple values is the tracking of error messages.

There are different methods available, depending on the technical setup. One scenario is:

  1. A user is on a page that includes a form. He fills it out and submits it.
  2. The page reloads and shows multiple errors. A customer page parameter tracks all error messages.

Setting up parameters

When configuring custom parameters (Mapp Q3 > Custom Parameters), you can set the number of parameter values. By doing so, you determine if you want to submit single information or multiple information at the same time. Select "Several values" to create a parameter with multiple values.

Creating a pivot table

To create a pivot table, click Add dimension in an analysis.

Custom parameters with multiple values are now part of the list of available dimensions. In our example, the parameter is named "Error-Message".

Enjoy analyzing!


This feature is part of our winter update 2022 which went live on February 1st.