Whiteboard is the Mapp Engage tool to automate marketing campaigns. New Whiteboard jobs, events, and redesigned functions now help you use the Whiteboard more effectively.

New Scheduled/Recurring Job: Generate Report

For the time-based whiteboards (scheduled and recurring), a new job was added: "Generate Report". It allows the system user to define the workflow, which includes the report generation. The report definition must be prepared in advance.

Mapp Acquire events in the Whiteboard

A new type of event was added to the whiteboard – "Mapp Acquire event". It allows system users to create an automation based on the event that is captured and sent to Mapp Engage.

Multiple event step

This is the new combined step where the workflow can be split, depending on which event occurred. The number of events can be added alongside the negative path that timed out. This feature is available for event-based whiteboards or within the events section in scheduled whiteboards.

Push Response Received event

The new event type was added: Push Response Received. This event allows system users to create an automation based on the Push Notification Response. Two types of responses are available: clicked and swiped.

Whiteboard audience information UI redesign

The whiteboard audience informational panel was redesigned to gather related parameters into one additional panel. The enrollment settings was also transferred from the whiteboard setup page.

Whiteboard setup for recently imported contacts

It is now possible to select only newly imported contacts in the recurring whiteboards. This allows a user to create a repetitive task for the newly added contacts (such as a welcome message).


This release is in rollout. For more information, contact your account manager.

How Can I Access the Whiteboard?​


In the ​Main Navigation​, click  ​Automations​ | ​Whiteboard NEW​.

The ​Whiteboard Plans​ overview window opens.