Navigation Path​

  1. Create a message or landing page.

  2. Click ​Mapp Engage Variables​.
    ⇒  A menu opens that lists the available Mapp Engage Variables. You can drag and drop a variable directly into your message or landing page.

Mapp Engage Variables​

Mapp Engage Variables allow you to insert content into a message or landing page automatically.

Mapp Engage Variables are content shortcuts. You drag or drop the variables from a menu to insert more complex content. The variables save you time and effort during message and landing page creation.

Unlike personalisation, the Mapp Engage Variables insert content that is identical for all contacts. All recipients of a message or all visitors to the landing page see the same content.

Types of Mapp Engage Variables​

The Mapp Engage Variables are grouped in the following categories:

Mapp Engage Variables - Barcode​

The Mapp Engage Variables in the ​Barcode​ category insert a barcode into your message.

The Barcode Generator automatically creates barcodes from a coupon list, custom attribute, or data that is manually entered on the user interface. For more information, see Create a New Barcode​. Barcodes that are generated from a coupon list or custom attribute are added to a message with a Mapp Engage Variable. A barcode is generated for each coupon and inserted individually into the message during sendout.

Mapp Engage Variables - Conversion Tracking​

The Mapp Engage Variables in the ​Conversion Tracking​ category insert a conversion tracking variable into your message.

Conversion tracking​ lets you evaluate message performance by pre-defined goals. You set goals for an email sendout and then check whether contacts completed the desired activity (usually a purchase).

Use this Mapp Engage Variable to add conversion tracking to a single message. You can also set up conversion tracking for an entire group in the group settings, on the ​Sendout Settings​ tab. For instructions, see ​Enable Conversion Tracking for a Group​.

Mapp Engage Variables - Coupon​

The Mapp Engage Variables in the ​Coupon​ category insert a coupon into your message.

During sendout, the placeholder is replaced with the coupon code. Mapp Engage automatically inserts a coupon from the coupon list into each message.

Mapp Engage Variables - Group Attributes​

The Mapp Engage Variables in the ​Group Attributes​ category insert data about the sendout group into your message.

For example, you can insert the following variables:

  • Group name

  • Email address

  • Language

  • Country

  • Group

Mapp Engage Variables - Messages​

Use these variables to insert metadata about the message, domain, or Mapp Engage system into your messages.

This category also includes variables to mark the mobile content and PC content.

Mapp Engage Variables - System Links​

Use the Mapp Engage Variables in the ​System Links​ category to direct contacts to web pages related to your Mapp Engage system. These web pages offer the following functions:

  • Contacts can view an online (web) version of your email.

  • Contacts can view an online, mobile-optimized version of your email.

  • Contacts can forward your messages via Mapp Engage. When contacts use this link, Mapp Engage can track forwards in the message statistics.

  • Contacts can change their profile data or unsubscribe from the group.

You can customize the landing pages to your corporate identity. For more information, contact your customer representative.

​Mapp Engage Variables - Content / Attachment​

Use these Mapp Engage Variables to add the content from a website into an email or landing page. You must modify these variables before use in an email or landing page.

  • ​Content Merging:​ Use this variable to insert the content that is stored at a fixed (not personalized) web address. Mapp Engage adds the content as text or HTML code to the email or landing page.

  • ​Insert Ad:​ Use this variable to insert the content that is stored at a personalized web address. Mapp Engage adds the content as text or HTML code to the email or landing page.

  • Individual Attachments:​ Use this variable send a different attachment to each email recipient. The attachments are stored on a server and attached to each email during the sendout process. For example, use this variable to send invoices or account statements. For instructions, see Add an Individual Attachment to a Message​.

​Mapp Engage Variables - Landing Pages​

The Mapp Engage Variables in the ​Landing Pages​ category generate and insert a link to a landing page that you created in Mapp Engage.

You can use these variables in a message or on a landing page.

  • If you add this variable to a message, the variable creates a link in the message that takes the contact to the landing page.

  • If you add this variable to a landing page, the variable creates a link to a different landing page. For more information, see Engage Variables in Landing Pages​.

​Mapp Engage Variables - Social Networks​

The Mapp Engage Variables in the ​Social Network​ category insert links that allow your contacts to share your message on a social network. Contacts can share and promote your content on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

To customize which social media networks appear in the graphic, talk to your customer representative.

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