The Mapp Engage Variables in the ​Conversion Tracking​ category insert a conversion tracking variable into your message.

Conversion tracking​ lets you evaluate message performance by pre-defined goals. You set goals for an email sendout and then check whether contacts completed the desired activity (usually a purchase).

Use this Mapp Engage Variable to add conversion tracking to a single message. You can also set up conversion tracking for an entire group in the group settings, on the ​Sendout Settings​ tab. For instructions, see Enable Conversion Tracking for a Group​.

Conversion Tracking Variables​

The ​Conversion Tracking​ category in the Mapp Engage Variables menu lists all the conversion tracking variables in your Mapp Engage system by name.

The variable has the form of a placeholder that appears within tags, like this: <% ... % >.

You do not need to adapt the placeholder before sendout.

Before you insert the variable into the message, select whether you use cookies for conversion tracking. This selection affects the syntax of the placeholder.


  • The placeholder <%event tracking id = " 200000228 " cookie = "true"%> inserts the conversion tacking variable with ID 200000228 and with a cookie.

  • The placeholder <%event tracking id = " 2000002100 " cookie = "false"%> inserts the conversion tacking variable with ID 2000002100 and with no cookie.

Add the conversion tracking variable at the end of the message. The exact location does not matter.

During sendout, Mapp Engage replaces the placeholder with the conversion tracking variable.

You can view conversion tracking data in the ​Statistics​ area. For more information, see Conversions​.

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