With the Unified Customer Profile, Mapp Engage gives you an exquisite view of your contacts' most important data. In addition to all the standard details, you can now also feed transactions information to the profile. Use purchase and/or engagement information to target.

Key Benefits

  • Exquisite 360° view of a Customer Profile with simplified user interface. All key data available at a glance, with useful graphs that help you understand the level of your contact's engagement. 
  • New transactions import support. Multiple options of feeding data into the profile: Mapp Connect, Imports, API, or Mapp Acquire Event.
  • Build powerful segments based on your contacts' purchase and engagement behavior, such as:
    • Purchase history: certain spend, interest in a specific product, or in promotions.
    • Engagement status: email activity (e.g. opens), and engagement level from low to high. 

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How Does it Work?

View insights in the Unified Customer Profile

To view a contact profile go to Contacts > Administration > All Contacts > Edit contact profile.
Set up data import to Mapp Engage via Mapp Connect, Imports, API, or Mapp Acquire Event. 
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Use insights in Segmentation Builder

Create segments in Segmentation Builder using new criteria:
Purchase Insights and Engagement Insights
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The Unified Customer Profile is a default feature for all Mapp Engage accounts. To take full advantage of the Unified Customer Profile and use transactional data, you need to set up import of the transactions data into your Engage system.