Engage now allows you to automate your marketing workflows based on real-time triggers for eCommerce transactions. Use data and events from other systems in Mapp Engage and improve the precision with which you target your contacts. 

Key Benefits

  • Create Whiteboards in Engage with data from Acquire or from external integrations such as Magento or Zapier

  • Take advantage of additional data points  order history, abandoned carts, wishlists  to nurture new clients and reengage existing buyers

  • Make the targeting of your contacts more precise and cost-effective by excluding irrelevant or already processed ones

How does it work?

In order to activate these possibilities, you need an integration with an external source such as Magento or Zapier. The data can also be produced by Mapp Acquire.

Possible data sources:

  • File import
  • Mapp Acquire event
  • External System with Mapp Connect

For more information, see the Related Topics section at the bottom of this page, or contact ​your Account Manager.


This feature is part of the 2020 Spring Update and available to all customers as of April 7th.