With Mapp Engage you can now preview your emails in Dark Mode.

Key Benefits

  • Preview email renders in Dark Mode for the providers that support it.

  • Three new renders are now available to you:

    • Apple Mail 12 (Dark)

    • Outlook 2019 (Mac) (Dark)

    • iPhone 11 (Dark)

  • Optimize your design for best results.


Inbox rendering is an add-on feature through ​Connect in Mapp Engage​ and is active by default. If you have any questions, contact your Account Manager.

How does it work?

  1. Create an Inbox Rendering Test with the usual process.
  2. Go to Mapp Engage > Messages > Inbox Rendering
  3. Click the icon next to the message you would like to preview.
  4. On the Design Previews tab scroll down to:
    1. Desktop Clients. The following additional previews are available:
      Apple Mail 12 (Dark) and Outlook 2019 (Mac) (Dark).
      Apple Mail 12 (Dark)Outlook 2019 (Mac) (Dark)

    2. Mobile & Tablet Clients. The following additional preview is available:
      iPhone 11 (Dark)
      iPhone 11 (Dark)

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