In-App and Push messages in Mapp Engage are now equipped with phone number link support. In addition to launching the app, opening a landing page, a deep link, or linking to an app in the App Store / Play Store, the message and button actions can now be linked to a phone number. Contacts can get in touch with you with the click of a button!

Key Benefits

  • An expanded pool of available message and button actions for Push and In-App
  • Enables contacts to take action quickly - call with one click
  • Improved customer experience, for example, for reaching customer support
  • Allows you to track click-through rates and other interesting trends in the statistics

How does it work?

  1. Create a Push Notification or an In-App Message

  2. In the second step of the message creation flow, set the button action to Dial Number and configure the settings.

  3. Finalize and schedule your message. Done!


This feature is part of our June Update 2023 and is live in Mapp Engage.

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