Using Native InApp templates for your messages improves user experience. They adjust to the look and feel of the system on your contact's device (Android or iOS) and are generally more reliable in performance. In Mapp Engage, you can now choose from six new native InApp templates for your InApp Message creation.

Key Benefits

Native solutions improve user experience by nature. With Native InApp templates, your contacts will enjoy:

  • Faster and more reliable message performance,
  • Look and feel that matches the standard for the system used on their device (Android or iOS)

How does it work?

  1. Go to New Message > InApp Message, name the message and click Next.

  2. In the Select template window, choose the Native InApp tab and select one of six available templates.

  3. Proceed with message creation.

    You can switch between templates during the message creation process, not only within the native templates category, but also between native and web. This will cause no extra work for you - your message content will automatically adjust to the selected template. The only exception is Custom HTML Web template.


This feature is part of our Spring 2021 product update. It is available by default to all users of the mobile channels in Mapp Engage as of 11 May 2021. If you are not using mobile channels yet, reach out to your customer success or account manager for further information.

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