Content in Mapp Engage has become more powerful! You can now personalize your messages for groups that have common characteristics & similar behavior. Customizing Sendout conditions made easy! 


You are a brand with multiple stores across Germany. You want to define an audience based on people that have made their last purchase in your Munich store. You can select this specific group membership as the Sendout Condition, and target the right group, with the right message!

Key Benefits

  • Additional personalization available on email content level.
  • Group predefined in the email configuration itself.
  • Reduced risk of potential Sendout issues due to incorrect group selection.


This is a default feature on all Mapp Engage accounts.

How does it work?

  1. Create a new email template with a pre-defined group as a Sendout Condition.
  2. Use the template to create an email.
  3. Mapp allows you to select concrete attributes that should be used for the Sendout.
  4. Proceed with your Sendout preparation.