Mobile Push Messages in Mapp Engage now allow you to target your contacts based on their location. Reach your app users in a particular location via real-time push messages and encourage them to visit your nearby store by sending them the latest news, special offers, and discount coupons.

Key Benefits

  • Reach your contacts in real time via location-based Mobile Push Messages

  • Configure and manage your locations easily in Mapp Engage

  • Create single locations and location clusters, for example when they are related to a particular campaign

  • Boost the performance of your campaigns

Prerequisites to use Location Manager

  • Your mobile applications are integrated with the relevant Mapp SDK.

  • The Location Manager is enabled on your Engage system. 

For further guidance, reach out to your Customer Success or Account Manager.

How does it work?

  1. Go to Contacts > Location Manager in Mapp Engage and click Create Location.

  2. Give your location a unique name and click Next.

  3. Specify the address of your location and the diameter from which the Push Message should be sent and click Next.

  4. Specify whether you want to add your location to a cluster or not. You can also create a new cluster and click Next.

  5. Schedule activation and repetition pattern of your location. In this step you can also plan to deactivate the location and click Next.

  6. Check the configuration of your location and click Save if you want to save it, or Previous if you want to change anything.

  7. Click Activate to make your location ready to use. Click Close to save it as a draft.

Also, check out our GeoLocation Video!

Further Information