Inbox monitoring and rendering are crucial deliverability features for any email platform. We have updated these features in Mapp Engage. The changes are seamless for you; you don't have to do anything.

Key Benefits

Mapp partners with Validity to provide Inbox Services in Engage:

  • Inbox rendering shows what an email would look like on different email clients and devices, allowing you to optimize the design before sending the message.
  • Inbox monitoring is checking if emails are being delivered. This is done using a seed list to the sendout, consisting of email addresses monitored by the provider. 

Learn more about inbox monitoring and rendering in this video.

What's new:

  • Inbox Services are now available in the Administration menu. 
  • We have also introduced some minor updates to the configuration page. For more information, see Inbox Services.


The changes were rolled out on March 21st. 

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