Mapp is constantly expanding the capabilities of the Segmentation Builder. With this release, we are introducing selection criteria that allow you to target contacts based on their engagement with your mobile push messages, and new user attributes: "best time to send" and "best channel to send". 

Key Benefits

With the new selection possibilities, you can build more complex segments, and target your contacts even more accurately, basing on their behavior. 

  • Mobile Push Notifications: The new selection criteria allow you to build segments based on whether your contact received a mobile push message, and how they interacted with it.
  • Best Sendout Time: This AI-based criterion lets you target your contacts at exactly the right time - when they are most likely to engage with your content. 
  • Best Channel to send: You can reach your contacts on their preferred channel, and increase chance of engagement.


To use these features, Mobile and Intelligence criteria options need to be active on your Engage account. Contact your Account Manager for further information.

How does it work?

All new features are available as selection criteria in the Segmentation Builder. Simply drag and drop them as usual to build your segments.

New options for Mobile Activity

Define whether a contact engaged with a specific Push Notification, or swiped it away.

ML (Machine Learning) Attribute 

Let Segmentation Builder calculate the best channel and best Sendout time for your contacts.