Functions are commands used within the Mapp Engage system to perform specific tasks or to make queries in a simplified way. They can be applied to Related Data, Attributes, Text, Dates, etc. Depending on the function and use case, the user can query, convert, compare, sort, format, replace data from attributes or related data, and format or convert text and code.

In addition to the common JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) function tags (​fn​), Mapp Engage uses two custom libraries (​ecm​ & ​ecx​) with additional functions. A function can be incorporated into an expression that includes other functions, operators, and values using JSP Expression Language (EL).


<%InsertIf expression="${((fn:toUpperCase(user.CustomAttribute['job title'])=='MANAGER'))}"%>Text<%/InsertIf%>

Example: Travel Banner

How can I use Mapp Engage functions?

  • To insert values from attributes or related data directly into a message.
  • To create personalization rules (​InsertIf​ statements) determining whether the content is inserted into a message).
  • As conditions for selection criteria.
  • As conditions for profile-based automation.
  • To insert dynamic values into input fields, including FTP URLs, other URLs/URIs, or paths.
    Note that not all functions work correctly in links. For example, the = character in some functions can cause the link redirection to break.