Mapp has a new segmentation tool and CMS system for messages. Old features are no longer available for new systems and features are scheduled for sunsetting.

The following features are scheduled for sunsetting:

  • Whiteboard (old)

  • Selections

  • CMS Message


The new features rely on the new Mapp infrastructure, which is faster and more reliable than the old features and infrastructure.

When Does This Change Take Effect?​

Effective immediately.

As of November 2018, Whiteboard, Selections, and CMS Message are no longer available for new clients.

Mapp offers the following alternatives.

  • For Whiteboard Mapp offers Whiteboard NEW.

  • For Selections, Mapp offers Segmentation Builder​.

  • For CMS Messages, Mapp offers Content Management​.

How Does This Affect You?​

New client systems automatically have the new Whiteboard and All Engage clients are affected. Old features are not available for new clients.

If you already have Selections, this feature continues to work until further notice.

If you already have a Whiteboard, this feature continues as scheduled.



  • Content Management
    See ⇘ Further information .

    • Self-service frameworks, blocks, templates for easy management of mail formats.

    • Drag and Drop editing, easy for non-HTML users.

    • Dynamic RSS content.

For more information, contact your Account Manager.