Carry out advanced marketing scenarios based on Abandoned Cart and Wishlist events in Mapp Cloud! Build the relevant audiences in Segmentation Builder, and have your Whiteboards react to changes in their purchasing behavior thanks to new events.

Key Benefits

  • Build selections in Segmentation Builder that allow you to target contacts based on their detailed product-related behavior.
  • Create comprehensive product-related campaigns by designing Whiteboards that react to Abandoned Cart and Wishlist events.
  • Take full advantage of your data by actively applying it to your campaigns via Mapp's automations.


Wishlist and/or Abandoned Cart events must be set up in Mapp Acquire. Alternatively, you can import those data into your related data in Mapp Engage via API.


This feature will be rolled out gradually from February 15th through 26th 2021. Make sure you have your Related Data tables set up. Contact your Account Manager if you need any support.

How does it work?

Segmentation Builder

Two new selection criteria - Abandoned Cart and Wishlist - are available in the Related Data section of the Segmentation Builder Criteria.

  • Wishlist. Check the value of products on your contacts' wish list. If it is greater than a certain amount, send them a follow-up message offering free shipping.
  • Abandoned Cart. Send follow-up campaigns to contacts who abandoned their cart, offering extra discount to encourage them to finalize the purchase. 

In addition to specifying the timeframe, you can filter here by Product SKU, or by Price.


The Whiteboard has received two new events:
  • Wishlist EventAllows you to react to a contact adding or deleting items from their wish list. For example, to send them an email reminder three days after they added a product to their wish list.
  • Abandoned Cart Event. Allows you to react to a contact who triggers the abandon cart add or remove event in Acquire. For example, to send them an email reminder three days after they left product in their cart and did not finalize the purchase.