The Zapier Connector allows you to integrate your marketing technology stack with Mapp Cloud and automate workflows between a multitude of systems. Currently, Zapier supports over 1500 software platforms and is a flexible tool allowing you to connect these different platforms. The new Zapier Connector lets you import users into Mapp Engage and use the data in your marketing automation.

Key Benefits

  • Easily add data to Engage from any of 1500+ apps integrated with Zapier
  • Import users from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp
  • Save orders data in Transactional Related Data

  • Send emails with parameters (including order email)

How does it work?

To create an integration between Zapier and Mapp Engage, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your add-on set-up and mapping in Mapp Engage
  2. Create a zap event. You can choose between
  3. Save your zap and turn it on to go live!


This is an on-demand feature. Please contact your Account Manager to find how to get started.