We're now giving you more options to protect your email recipient's privacy!

Key Benefits

  • With the attribute doNotTrack you can anonymize the data you collect from users. If a user chooses to opt-out, interactions like email opens and clicks will be tracked anonymously. It protects your customers' privacy, while still allowing accurate statistics.
  • The attribute can also be used in Whiteboards and to create segments in Segmentation Builder. Please note that it will affect Statistics and Contact History.

How does it work?

Once you have a preference center set up for your subscribers, you can allow them to opt-out from email engagement tracking. This means that if they click a link, you will still know it happened, but their id will be hashed for privacy. 

You can see how many contacts have opted-in or out by creating a segment, then checking the contact count! Please see our how-to below for a guide. 

The attribute can be updated via import and Whiteboards. You may also choose to automatically set this for your email recipients, either so that they are all opted in or out. For example, if you choose to activate doNotTrack, and would like to opt-in all customers who have not sent you a preference, you can speak to your Customer Success or Account Manager. For more information on email anonymization, please visit our FAQ here.

The changes will not work retroactively and will prevent certain attributes from working for affected users (such as Link Clinked)


This feature is part of our winter update 2022 which went live on February 1stPlease reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager for more information and to activate it.