Mapp Acquire has a no-code solution for website data collection. The Chrome Plugin gives Mapp Acquire additional UI options that allow you to visually select the elements you want to track, simply by clicking them on the website. 

Key Benefits

  • Collect data easier than ever before: browse through your website and select the element to be tracked with a click. 
  • Use the plugin to gather user attributed information of any kind, for example data from user registration events and store them in Related Data in Engage.
  • Users with less technical knowledge benefit from the easy-to-use, intuitive solution.


This is a default feature for all Mapp Acquire Accounts. All you need to do is install our Chrome Plugin for Mapp Acquire. Note that this solution is currently only supported for Chrome.

How does it work?

Install the plugin. Now you can select the CSS path by browsing through your website, and clicking the elements that you are interested in.